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    History awaits.

    • zakochany_chloptas

      Jordan is the best ever😃😃

    • mathewvovk

      jordan is the greatest of all time

    • robertn2101


    • putapapapa

      Feels good to win the bet for me to live by making the sizes choose on me dying but still I appreciate the thoughts of me being alive but deserving a chance to prove about business acknowledgement understanding the society of the pilgrims has ended thanks again for being a hero you are to people

    • 3ricb23

      I know this man .. 😎🏀🏆 #tarheelsnation

    • pa7rick_23


    • shawnthatmc

      You gone give Lebron props🤷🏿‍♂️

    • mike_purp

      Can't even see the scissors, but it still victory.

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