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    • jezflowie 10 days ago


    • heidimarshall 10 days ago

      You look amazing!!!

    • nwo2009 10 days ago


    • lesleyannemurphy 10 days ago

      @palmtreestands I have finished getting fills (went to 460 ccs) and choosing nontextured round silicone implants. They tend to ripple less and look more natural when you have no breast tissue to work with. My exchange surgery is on July 3rd! Sending you all my good vibes💗💞💗

    • palmtreestands 10 days ago

      @lesleyannemurphy thanks sweets! You are a brave woman and I am thankful for your example and courage! Thinking of you in your next phase! 😚😚

    • shelby_limpert 10 days ago

      This is absolute perfection 😍😍😍

    • evzen7 10 days ago


    • christine_11_11 10 days ago

      Awesome pic!!! Pure beautyyyyy and happiness 🙌🏼❤️ @lesleyannemurphy

    • jamesonmwhite 10 days ago

      Great shot!

    • lhalester 10 days ago

      What a fabulous time we had!!! Love this pic!! Until next time [email protected]

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