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    I don't have a photo proof on how much I improved and slowly getting the benefits of full #frogpose #mandukasana . 🐸 This is for tomorrow's D7 #YogaOnTheGo [email protected] will give you full details and on the go benefits of this pose. Check John and Olesya for more options . . . . Jubilee in Mink color bra top and goddess leggings @ALOYOGA Mat @LIFORME Mala bracelet and necklace @ULUWATUBEADS Yoga Towel @BUNNIESANDZEN_YOGA_ACCESSORIES . . . HOSTS: ✈️ @Crizia_Rn_yoga [email protected] [email protected]_yoga_girl [email protected]_john . . SPONSORS: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Rules: 1. MUST FOLLOW ALL HOSTS and SPONSORS . 2. Tag your three yoga besties and Repost 3. Have fun!!!! . . . July 10-21 1. Fallen triangle- Crizia 2.Headstand- Olesya 3.Seated wide leg straddle- Shree 4. Wide legged forward twist - John 5. Camel- Crizia 6. Elephant- Olesya 7. Full frog- Shree 8. Warrior 2-John 9. Reclined hero- Crizia 10 Wheel- Olesya 11. Wild thing- Shree 12. Pigeon- John

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