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    Can you find the two tiny humans among the vastness of space in this image from yesterday’s spacewalk? Hint: They’re wearing white and only the legs and feet of one of them can be seen. Early yesterday morning, astronauts Randy Bresnik (@AstroKomrade) and Mark Vande Hei ventured outside the International Space Station (@iss) for 6 hours and 26 minutes to perform maitenance on the robotic arm used to capture visiting spacecraft and other objects. They sucessfully completed all planned tasks and even had time to acomplish a few get-ahead items, like replacing a smudged lens cover on an external camera and removing two handrails from outside one of the station’s modules. Currently, six people are living and working on the orbiting laboratory, conducting important science and research that will not only benefit life here on Earth, but will help us venture deeper into space than ever before. Credit: @sergeyiss #nasa #space #spacestation #astronauts #astronaut #spacewalk #earth #people #humans #tiny #white #spacesuit # #maitenance #repair #picoftheday #spacepic #solarsystem #vast #outerspace

    • paololourado yesterday


    • pcg_777 today

      @adamsinta1 you're so woke. The earths flat right?

    • ajeesh.kv today


    • mreclub today

      They never went to the moon fake pic

    • abdullah_15.a today

      Are you real ? @nasa

    • abdullah_15.a today

      I do not think you went to space @nasa

    • abdullah_15.a today

      Give me conclusive evidence that you went to space, pictures and videos are not enough evidence @nasa

    • abdullah_15.a today

      If you do my hall family and the other family will believe that is you are real and thank you @nasa

    • spoopy.moonazine today

      @abdullah_15.a Of course they’re real. You people believing the moon landing was fake 😒 Video is surely enough evidence. As well as Buzz and Neil. Why would they lie? It went down in history.

    • mrheydari1997 today

      i see 2 astronauts ☺

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