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BABYGIRL OF THE DAY!!!! #BGOTD Show some LOVE for the SILLY N SEXY T’YANA!!!! 😘😘😘.... Thank you for all your LOVE and SUPPORT in the FIGHT for the CURE of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)!!! Stay SILLY N SEXY !!! #BEATMS #fashionforacure // //send #BGOTD submissions to [email protected] Hey chocolate thunder ;) Im a 23 year old single mother, a gymnastics coach and a pre-law student! Im a loyal fan of Criminal Minds, The Brothers and of "Malcolm" Your fight for MS for Mama Moore is inspiring for me to fight for my dreams to become a prosecutor! Never give up! We all believe in you! Xoxo babygirl from the Midwest My name is T'yana and i hope I make the shout out one day! My IG is @__Hersheyyskiss

  • dupuisjeannette

    I need one of these baby girl tshirt

  • _american.grown_

    @shemarfmoore so I'm rewatching CM. Ep 20 of season 5. At the end ur on the jet talking to Printis and Reed. I gotta ask, did u ever find out the answer as to what a "sin to win weekend in Atlantic City" was?? Hmu, I gotta know :) #shoutout to today's baby girl, and all us #babygirls out here loving ourselves bc of real men like u. Who love a lady for what's inside!

  • gayeellenpilgri

    Congratulations for bring Baby Girl of the Day T'Yana! So happy you are following your dream! You will make it!🙌

  • melohelvia

    I want to be a baby girl of yours

  • nata_lia_xox

    Congratulations Baby Girl of the Day T‘Yana 😊🎉🎉🎉

  • ninamapp

    Hi @shemarfmoore !! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE you and the characters that you play! I may be a little older and bigger ( 😔😔 ) then your usual fans and I probably won't make your Baby Girl of the Day list and a shout out but oh well. I just wanted you to know that I've followed you since day one on The Young And The Restless as Malcolm ( Lily's Dad ), I loved your entire care on Criminal Minds as Derrick Moore ( I understand your need to leave and expand your horizons ) and I've been following you from day one of S.W.A.T. . You're doing great!!! Keep of the great work and I'm praying for your mom and her battle with MS. I'm sending you well wishes and much love, Shemar! 😘😘❤️❤️😍😍

  • ninamapp

    Typo ⬆️career not care. Typing too fast. 😂😂😂😂

  • ninamapp

    @shemarfmoore how can I purchase a Baby Girl tee-shirt ? Do they come in larger sizes ? I would need a 4x or 5x because I have a much larger chest area 😱and would like it to fit and not be too tight. Thank you. Please let me know because I would REALLY like to own one.

  • ninamapp

    @shemarfmoore I would like to purchase the V-Neck tee-shirt and matching cap no matter the cost as long as it's not breaking my bank 😂😂 as I'm living off of an fixed income but I'll treat myself!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  • uli.becker.1


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