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It’s showtime Hamilton ON....Let’s goooooooo!!!!! 17,000 people that came out to laugh their asses off tonight. I swear I love Canada....Let’s make tonight special damn it! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #DopePic #MakingTheWorldLaugh

  • lizwelibanziku1

    man, nice shoes and awesome pic

  • trilladadrilla

    My cityyy

  • mahsaworldwide

    @bradidas99 @ccasselman44 yaasssssssss!!!!!! Finally!!!! We’re going to HAMILTON!!!!!

  • diondawson


  • beakers_08

    You know you’ve had the time of your life when a) the comedian’s name is Kevin Hart b) you can relate to all of the jokes/stories he’s said c) you laugh until you can’t anymore... then you pee d) you tell EVERYONE you know for the week following, how GREAT he was e) you piss people off because you didn’t bring them 😂😂 You smashed that show Kev!!!!! Being stuck in the parking garage afterwards, for an hour and a half before we finally moved, was totalllllllllllly worth it! ❤️

  • bandsaccessories


  • mrsmendez0810

    So close to home!! My daughter loves you. Hoping to take her to the Toronto show on July 21st its her day!!! Keep making us laugh.

  • edwinalencar

    Ooo my gosh

  • copland1

    Such an amazing show. Def peed a little. So thanks for that.

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