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Congrats to my big bald unattractive friend @therock on killing the box office 2 weeks in a row with his new movie "Rampage"....Im happy as hell for you man. I know how hard you work and how much effort and energy goes into your craft. Continue to strive for greatness jackass....You are a inspiration to us all. Make sure y'all go check out "Rampage" people! #Brothers #BoxOfficeKillers

  • israel_frederick

    Lmfao bro

  • loldog56

    Saw it and love it more than jumanji the gorilla Jorge is hilarious especially when he signs funny stuff

  • sashawill.williams

    I wonder if there's something really secretive going on with Kevin Hart and the Rock their too buddy buddy. Enquiring minds wants to know this 411.

  • ckevinhart

    I will have you got my email

  • ilhamizwan6

    You are *an* inspiration to us all

  • partyboijojo

    That nigga so damn big

  • partyboijojo

    Jit eat rocks in the morning and wash it down wit nails

  • partyboijojo

    I bet that Nigga eat the spoon

  • partyboijojo

    This nigga look like he hunt the animal and eat it raw ...savage

  • partyboijojo

    How niggas so big

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