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mood - maz

  • allnightontumblr


  • im.o.g.en

    remember when there weren’t videos

  • jessilo0

    “turn that blue button green!!”

  • kristen_tan24

    hey remember when the number of likes was actually the number of likes and not two stupid ass usernames and the number of likes minus two

  • aleighsha.finsta

    remember when youtube’s app was that ugly ass brown tv 📺

  • castiel_made_me_straight

    Fucking true. I wish the posts could be in chronological order again 🙃

  • whizzxr

    this is my sixth year of instagram... im so disappointed with myself ...

  • uhhmeliahh

    @cosmo_orion_ I was literally on instagram before DMs and videos existed can you believe that

  • bria.thompson

    Remember when you had to send photos first to dm someone

  • hannaheir

    when you had to have 11 likes for ppls longass usernames who liked your pic to go away

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