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I’m soooo geeked as many of you know I had my first annual #MBJAM last year & this year I can promise you it’ll be bigger & better!! @LUPUSLA the organization that has helped my mother & others living with Lupus flourish & thrive thanks to their amazing resources & support. For those who don’t know #MBJAM is a fun family event & charity that raises funds for LUPUS LA to help others & also brings awareness to disease itself. 😎 I wanted to switch it up so this year MBJAM will be held at Dave & Busters in Hollywood, LA from 4pm to 7pm. Come play games have a chance to lose me in Mario kart (unofficial 6X world champion) 😂 To purchase tickets visit LUPUSLA.ORG & ALSO for the chance to WIN four tickets to the event click the link in my bio or go to IFONLY.COM/MBJ. Your support means the world to me & countless others affected by lupus. Let’s find a cure together!! #MBJAM #LUPUSLA

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  • tanny_bry 87 days ago

    This is such a beautiful thing @michaelbjordan I was diagnosed with Lupus 8yrs ago and thought this is it. I don’t know anyone else that suffers from it personally but it’s touching to see beautiful human beings like yourself supporting the cause. Between your mother, father and God they broke the mould with you 🤗 Holla if you ever come to London x

  • jessicamyree 73 days ago

    Carol Stewart

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  • naynaylilj 64 days ago

    👏👏👏👏thank you for supporting lupus research and helping ones who deal with it. My mother had Lupus so it is dear to me.

  • tmarie421 61 days ago

    I wish they had something like that here in Vegas! These events mean a lot to me I’m also living with Lupus💜maybe I can try to make it out there for the next event heard LA isn’t too far from here!

  • itzchang_sta 60 days ago

    @michaelbjordan hows it going boss. Just wanted reach out and want to get involved in anyway i can to help. I truly believe in the value of health and want to be able to share positivity through society. Ive have couple of friends and their love ones that were diagnosed with lupus as well!

  • paula.bardini 59 days ago

    a pity that the treatment here in Brazil is terrible. My aunt stayed 1 year without the treatment and lupus is in advanced stage. But I have faith in God that all will be well.

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