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  • bishviral


  • yolandaodiot

    But his stupid mother rather stay there and watch him do something stupid knowing it’s going to hurt him but it’s ok as long as she gets to record it right?! Fucking dummy

  • tyn._.maya

    Damn he made a new dance

  • eljq_

    birth control for free right here folks

  • therealkristynhouse

    I love how she just let him do it

  • anniebabii24

    That is the stupidest shit a mom would let her son fricken do

  • not_chou_cheese

    Niqqa looks like Ali a doin “take the L”

  • jbriscoe2005

    Who else lowkey felt it

  • 13salvaje

    The dance he made looks like it could be a fortnite emote

  • idoleu

    Poor kid He probably will not get childrens anymore

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