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  • nada_shakir

    شوفي شلون ثاري مثلنا انتبهي ع شيكاغو شلون مقمطة @rasha.shakir91

  • evangelistmcshan


  • jus_tice12

    omg is that chi!😍😍😍

  • itsss_rayyy

    Mama kris tell her she too good for Tristan from me 👏👏

  • joycemhand

    Beautiful little Angel.

  • t_hardyy4

    What a beautiful grand baby, although I’m very curious to know, all of your daughters have children and I often see in magazines and on @enews doting on their children . What about Rob’s child? Does he not make enough money for you so he or his baby mean nothing, or is it because of Black Chyna? It’s all so sad to me. Anyways, congrats grandma! You’re the best. Go ahead start bashing me people I just think it’s not right. It has nothing to do with those beautiful kids. It’s the parents I worry about!

  • nilie_rs

    So cute 😍

  • littlequaqua

    Grandma can see it already KoKo.. i know you'll be amazing bcuz your a cancer..

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