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Get ready to go wild—our new Bombshell Wild Flower fragrance drops 1.22 in an exclusive online preview! #VSBombshell

  • victoriaseditss 28 days ago

    It’s getting near the end of the day and it’s still not up online. Will it be up soon?

  • andrearose924 28 days ago

    It’s still not online I thought it was supposed to come out today? @victoriassecret

  • gwen_pusateri 28 days ago

    I've literally been waiting all day to see it on the site. Now 8pm? Still nothing, but can't wait!

  • glist_kanal 28 days ago


  • dani_blizz 28 days ago

    It says here the online preview launch is today but so far there’s nothing on the website. @victoriassecret 💋

  • theoryofbeautybrand 28 days ago

    Love @theoryofbeautybrand

  • kadir.s.y.n 27 days ago


  • marianavilamodel 27 days ago


  • sdaqna 27 days ago


  • delu_chris 27 days ago

    Awesome ❤️

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