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All of the new and past KKW HEARTS perfumes are available today at the @kkwbeauty pop up shop in South Coast Plaza or online at Thursday!!! They are a limited drop!

  • noonoouri 20 days ago

    a heart for everyone ♥️

  • ariias7 20 days ago

    Which one smells the best? I wish you were available at stores. It’s very difficult to purchase a perfume online.

  • lbarbs35 20 days ago

    @mlgahan but I want the chocolate heart that I have to break with a little wooden hammer mailed to me 😭

  • bessantyezzat 20 days ago

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  • ms_miqah 20 days ago

    Can we have samples (paper swatch like they have in the magazines) mailed to us to see what smells we like? Hard to buy just based on a description.

  • lordramseybolton 20 days ago

    Like I would even pay extra for the chocolate heart packaging...why advertise it allll week if it’s not a part of the sale? Now I’m just spending $30 dollars plus shipping on a perfume I can’t smell

  • champagnerain_sexkitten 20 days ago

    Does mines come with the box of candy 🍭 I can bag

  • purutoa 20 days ago


  • _gichevskaa 20 days ago

    Lbbbb 🌹

  • lbarz_1385 20 days ago

    All of these are you guys @cinfull_y @parmsz @ssssandreea @missjayperez @ela1ne101 @ecpickle

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