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New Year, New Nails? 💅 When it comes to celebrating the #LunarNewYear, Rose Hui Yin Barron (@rosebnails) totally nailed it. “I felt pink would be the most appropriate choice to celebrate the Year of the Pig, and red and gold because they bring good luck,” says the nail artist born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, who moved to Miami when she was 10. It took over three hours and 13 colors mixed together to create these nails that showcase some of Rose’s favorite good luck charms. Rose will get to show off her adorable nails during a big family meal, a yearly tradition. Another New Year staple? Childhood memories of traditional Chinese lion dances in front of her mom’s restaurant in South Beach. “It was always something I looked forward to as a little girl,” she says. Today on our IGTV channel, Rose channels her culture and her childhood into her nail art. Photo by @rosebnails

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