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As a painter, Annabell Penelope Lee (@annabell.p.lee) didn’t want her art to be hung up and forgotten. “I wanted my friends to wear my paintings,” says the 25-year-old artist from Los Angeles, “for them to be active and used.” So, Annabell started making clothes, a natural shift since she started sewing at 13. Colorful, checkered and eye-catching, these hand-painted garments sure make a statement, but they are designed to be extremely wearable. “I want to make clothing that is visually striking, but comfortable to wear,” she says. “Usually, after I make a pattern, I wear the sample around to make sure it is comfortable.” See more of her looks, today on our story. Photo by @annabell.p.lee

  • abolfazfathi 10 days ago


  • kathy.m_ 10 days ago

    Bring back the story views !! 🙄🙄

  • andrea_velasquez11 10 days ago

    Those are horrible. Sure, she's an "artist"

  • raphaelcapelli 10 days ago

    Cant see who viewed Instagram highlights anymore 👎👎 why tho?

  • bernie_the_g 10 days ago

    “ViEwER LiSts areNT AvailABLe afTER 24 hOuRs”

  • joymccain 10 days ago

    Not a fan. I don't see what is art about squares painted next to each other. I would not wear it or want it on my wall. Sorry not sorry.....

  • btuna33 10 days ago

    Hey hı from Turkey I want to be friends with the citizens of this country 🔥😍

  • ssuushi_ 10 days ago

    Instagram is gonna become same as Facebook... Every update is even worse... This one hiding the story viewers after 24 hours is simply ridiculous!! GUYS, WE GONNA FIND A NEW SOCIAL NETWORK!

  • assangek 10 days ago

    Why make unnecessary updates that do not expand the possibilities, but the opposite of that. It would be better to solve problem with photos' quality, which gets worse when its posted and also to reduce bugs. It is necessary to add functions, and not to reduce them. It would be nice to see who saved the publication.

  • nupelda._m 10 days ago

    Why can’t we see our viewers on our highlights what’s the point in them now????

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