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  • abseaul 9 days ago

    Every tattoo is temporary because you will die

  • shayfin.tayfin 9 days ago

    One of the best things I've seen today 👍

  • the.awkward.comedian 9 days ago

    You know pewdiepie is losing his battle right? Sub too him right now 😀

  • j_o_n_._ 9 days ago

    He probably won't have any with that tattoo lmao

  • rubenbenites 9 days ago

    He ain’t gonna have kids

  • 9 days ago

    His Grandkid: hey grandpa what's that? Him: Sit down you little kid let me tell you a story. (Btw check us out for original content we are new but trying our best)

  • r.oo.p.e 9 days ago

    It is tier 1 meme... They'll easily understand 😂

  • wendywalters 8 days ago


  • jeroenrotman93 9 days ago

    @arrowartemis mine is sooooo much better

  • _patriciaalvarez 9 days ago

    @bmercy @arvijeep

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