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Hehe, come on in. @barked

  • adeeb.a_27 9 days ago

    What are you talking about? That's there secret weapon. I mean Who would wanna trespass when you come across a very good boy like that.

  • iamnorman3 9 days ago

    Kill em' with kindness.

  • diaryofjoann 9 days ago

    Sooo true, someone could be killing me and my Sammy will see it as playing.

  • alkismona 9 days ago

    “Pet me good hooman”

  • kimone_elaine 9 days ago

    My friend has two dogs, a Samoyed and a bull terrier, so one day they got burgled and the video shows Jessie letting the guy in all happily and Scotty keeping him cornered in the foyer 😂

  • may_karna 9 days ago

    This doggo definitely going to heaven

  • viskodite91 9 days ago

    just like the golden retrievers 😂

  • ihateyourfacecomics 9 days ago

    I had one, he always slept by an open window at head level to get some cold air . Someone stole my car right in front of him , didn’t make a sound lmao. He was so cute

  • senasoguk 9 days ago

    Huskies as well I guess

  • _goddaniel_ 9 days ago

    Kang Daniel 🤣

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