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Cheeky lace makes the cut. #perfectgifts

  • adimaripq today

    Donde compró

  • alfredthomas961 6 days ago

    How can I get some for my lady🎈

  • ictoriave 6 days ago

    😍😭Ugh I need them all!!!!

  • angelina_davros 7 days ago

    Do they have them in store or only online?

  • burgundrose 7 days ago

    is the sandton shop still open or you closed down?

  • because_i_am_free_ 7 days ago

    Can you send the link to buy it?

  • bigboss2100 7 days ago

    Love the yellow 😀

  • pinkbassbunny 7 days ago

    Lace lace lace! 💕

  • muskaan.singh_ 7 days ago

    How do we get these in India? 😭

  • itsliinaabiitch_ 8 days ago

    I’ve always bought panties from here and the lace ones would last me FOREVER! Recently I bought some and maybe after 2-3 times they ripped badly! At least 3 pairs are ruined 😑

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