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1 common voice. Shop @livystudio Feb. 13 on our website & in select stores. #VictoriaMeetsLIVY

  • alsuqri_____22 5 days ago

    Do you ship to oman

  • jayce.chan 6 days ago

    I haven't been able to find it online even when I click new :(

  • barbarasnieg8 6 days ago

    What about Uk 🇬🇧?

  • stefanyhuard 6 days ago

    Why I can’t find the bra in the picture online? 😫 @victoriassecret

  • negeeny 6 days ago

    Available in Canada ??

  • jade_alissa 6 days ago

    Can’t seem to find it online? X

  • lindseyt0123 6 days ago

    What day will this be available?

  • abban_felicia 6 days ago

    Why this isn’t online yet?

  • bellavaldes 6 days ago

    Are bombshell bikinis coming back

  • eliselauryn648 6 days ago

    Will Australia online get this

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