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  • iampratikbhartia 24 days ago

    Son: Dad, sing me a song from your generation. Me: *Clear the throats, Zankoku Na Tenshino These

  • samuelguerron 24 days ago

    This is more depressing than Evangelion itself

  • eizwan_eiz 24 days ago

    Best opening in entire galaxy, change my mind

  • icomefromspace 24 days ago

    Hi humans! Can someone explain to me with anime is? Would love some info! 🖖P.A.T.

  • briandananjaya 24 days ago

    Man, there's many solos accepela in YouTube that far better than this dude and deserve more views and subscribes

  • gazusilva 24 days ago

    @icomefromspace The name is Neon Genesis Evangelion, is one of the most awesome anime of all the time, release in 1995, the next year is the final. It had all that a show need, action, drama (a good one), a lot of hidden message. Psycologic attacks, it will question your belief. ITS AWESOME, I deeply recommended (Sorry my english).

  • rikke_dyhr 22 days ago

    @mrchotographer the coolest thing you’ll see today.!

  • alexinhobbx 24 days ago

    @markmartincreative sick track hahaha ❤️

  • marcelvpires 24 days ago

    @renanmaximos @gustavondias

  • panos_kalogirou 24 days ago

    @_xeniak14_ Εσύ τι πατάς λικε?????? 😤😤😤

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