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  • lxrs.ig 24 days ago

    That's enough internet for today

  • afifrakhaaa 24 days ago

    I thought he is gordon ramsey

  • k.zulfan 24 days ago

    I’d be lifting the toilet seat up first tho

  • porkpuree 24 days ago

    The fact that the lid is closed is making me uncomfortable

  • pranavpillai19 24 days ago

    Dr Strange must have seen this one

  • modern_magic_media 24 days ago

    Is that gordon Ramsey?

  • lou.kas90 24 days ago

    Sorry, but this gentleman here is Cable πŸ˜… Not Thanos

  • theroastesswiththemostest 24 days ago

    Before you zoomed out, I was gonna say he looks like he’s taking a πŸ’© on the 🚽

  • adudewithnojob 24 days ago

    The seat thanos, the seat. Rookie mistake.

  • iampratikbhartia 24 days ago

    Calm down Gordon Ramsay πŸ˜‚

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