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  • ericsiaa 7 days ago

    Where is the bra on the right from?

  • michavepinkie 7 days ago

    Not sure about hot to feel about this. I almost feel that Shanina uses Coachella to appropriate black hairstyles. She did it last year too and it left a bad taste in my mouth. The day I see a model with dreads on the VS website is the day I will approve of this look. If VS thinks it’s too risky for them to publicly endorse in their marketing, then they shouldn’t publicly endorse a non-black woman with a traditionally black hairstyle here. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️ cultural appropriation isn’t cool. Black culture is not a Coachella costume. It you don’t appreciate the culture any other time - like in your everyday life; don’t try to “appreciate it” now when you play dress up to take pictures for the gram.

  • nilayatabekk 7 days ago

    Fake lima😂

  • aguilaaa 7 days ago


  • theprettywalk_ 7 days ago

    Gorgeous girls 😍

  • jeanine.888 7 days ago


  • iambabyisabel 7 days ago

    Awesome 😍❤️👏👏

  • joyschang 7 days ago

    They r so gorgeous❤️

  • andrehvasconcelos 7 days ago

    Lindas !

  • wifeyyy.ashleyy 7 days ago


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