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Literally me this morning. - How would you meme this? Leave a comment below. Stay tuned to our IG story so you won’t miss the next “Meme This”! - 📷 @barnaby_persian - #memethis #9gag

  • trillionairemindsetkt 7 days ago

    When you stayed up so late you forgot tomorrow is now!

  • positive_nobita 7 days ago

    Hey you ...Yes you...The one who is reading this comment ... I hope that u and ur family always be stay blessed and happy ...And may ur all dreams comes true!...Have a nice day ...!!!#SpreadPositivity

  • ju_tube_ 7 days ago

    When brown aunties keep asking you when you're getting married

  • seffis 7 days ago

    Me when they ask if I’m ready yet.

  • officialmemeology 7 days ago

    When you lay down for a nap and wake up 8 hours later and don't know where you are or what season it is.

  • hemangratitude 7 days ago

    Catastrophicomment 😂😂😂 @zwenkj

  • bredli.plaku 7 days ago


  • olly.jacobs_ 6 days ago

    can everyone comment “pingu” or “🐧” on my recent @kakashiww

  • fw_farhan 7 days ago

    @ahmdreza._ @aminakhib When you've waited for 3 hours for your phone to fully charged but then you realised that you forgot to turn on the plug

  • beyza.bue 7 days ago

    When the only ups in life is your hair @haaadaaad @edemaren

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