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9GAG Fun Off Season 3 came to an end. Thank you all for joining. It was not easy to pick just one submission, but we have finally chosen the Grand Prize Winner! Congratulations to @curlykidlife on winning our USD$10,000 grand prize with his video “If you had a giant dog for one day!” We hope you all have enjoyed watching the Fun Off videos! Full winner announcement: - Music by Markvard: - #9GAGFunOff #9gag

  • alemoitinho.fotografia 63 days ago

    Naruto mirror 👏👏👏👏

  • marghesonnino 63 days ago

    @leahsimmonswood massive saba

  • amarluqman 63 days ago

    clifford the big red dog😂😂

  • emanuelegmonaco 63 days ago


  • gladabussen 63 days ago


  • paco_ninja 63 days ago

    Lots of editing, being creative is not what is gonna give you the prize. Nah just put animals in there and there is your prize, what a joke this is

  • armysaaaan 63 days ago

    clifford be like

  • _jefferyc_ 63 days ago

    Anyone remember Clifford?

  • quoterythme 62 days ago

    How to win funoff: step 1. Buy a dog or cat, step 2. Make sure you have iphone, step 3. Just take a random video of your pet you just bought, step 4. Win 10k, another tips how to win funoff : step 1. Search for some like 10 to 15 years ago populer video, step 2. Iphone of course, step 3. Record, step 4. Win 10k, seeeeee there is literally no brilliant idea or some unique video needed to win, just copy and paste old video or pets, nb : that naruto guy is something new so far, and he deserve it, and for the other else, its mehhhh~ nyehhhhhh~ yawnnnn~ classic~

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