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9GAG Fun Off Season 3 came to an end. Thank you all for joining. It was not easy to pick just one submission, but we have finally chosen the Grand Prize Winner! Congratulations to @curlykidlife on winning our USD$10,000 grand prize with his video “If you had a giant dog for one day!” We hope you all have enjoyed watching the Fun Off videos! Full winner announcement: - Music by Markvard: - #9GAGFunOff #9gag

  • barked 6 days ago

    Lovely doggos! Congrats 🎉

  • supermaral 7 days ago

    basically, if you wanna win fun off, you just have to make a video that isn’t even remotely funny :)

  • joule.jawbone 7 days ago

    Something is wrong with 9gag's sense of humor

  • ren._.1 7 days ago

    I feel Naruto should have fun. BUT I LOVE all

  • rickymahfoud__ 7 days ago

    All the other clips are better than the winner

  • the.average.guy 7 days ago

    I cant tell if most people are being sarcastic here😂

  • dajoraga 7 days ago

    I liked the naruto one

  • owl__kitty 6 days ago


  • scuruchi 7 days ago


  • llewhall 6 days ago

    This makes me wanna gag

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