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  • iampratikbhartia 6 days ago

    Who else rotated their phone and watched it again?

  • mehrdad_beiglou 6 days ago

    Real strength is in blonde girl's neck

  • googoosti 6 days ago

    They got me in the first half, im not gonna lie.

  • firdausmohamad16 6 days ago

    So the lady in blue pant was part of this from the beginning?

  • dana._.selan 6 days ago

    the bluepants girl is lit bcs the way she sit doesn't show diff😂😂😂

  • max.ortm 6 days ago

    Wow i tought so hard its real😂

  • shohaib423 6 days ago

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  • tonieerola 6 days ago

    The women sitting next to ger gave it away cuz if her head

  • deejayceekay 6 days ago

    Use me as "i knew it from the beginning" button 😌

  • ayush_dowerah 6 days ago

    I actually had to watch this a couple of times to get it!🤘🤣

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