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  • ashleigh_manton 25 days ago

    Dragon cuz it looks like the harry potter dragon

  • jwithn0sauce 25 days ago

    Only way you can ever get me to smoke a cigarette is if the smoke can dance.

  • talya_danin0 25 days ago

    I'm tellin you there's new pokimons

  • keosayasing 25 days ago

    Oh my, it’s a dancing cigar boi 🌚.

  • 1001_drawings3385 25 days ago

    1 it’s the most awesome and it’s more realistic

  • mike_s003 25 days ago

    Uhm what in the world?

  • irinkasvc 25 days ago


  • kunchev.k 25 days ago

    😮 woooow

  • tm.mahshid.77 25 days ago

    اینا چرا اینقد دود دارند 😃👍👍👍 خیلی خوب بودن

  • ajax_ramirez 25 days ago

    Really cool. It would have been neat if the last guy walking walked different strides with different colors.... like blue a sad slow walk with head hanging down, black, crawling on hands and knees, green stretching up like a plant growing...etc

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