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A few years ago I was waiting at a bus stop in Chicago. It was getting dark but still light enough not to worry. I pulled my phone out to mindlessly scroll until the bus arrived. A young man walk passed me, I looked up, and we both politely smiled. I looked back down at my phone and suddenly felt the presence of someone all over me. He took one huge lunge at me and it was all a blur. He grabbed me, picked me up, threw me back down, felt all over my body. I still have no idea if he was trying to rob me or assault me. But I was kicking and screaming so hard that I don’t think he knew what to do. Eventually he slid his hand between my legs, squeezed as tight as he could and ran off. It made no sense. What just happened? This is one story of many that I have and certainly not the worst of them. The reason I’m telling you this is because it would make perfect sense if I chose a safer life. One with no risks and little danger. But that’s not the life that I’ve fought so hard for. It’s not the life that I kicked and screamed to tell. You can choose the safer route and it would make perfect sense. But as women, we fight. We kick. And we scream from the rooftops. We’re here. And we can do anything we want. I get asked if I’m scared every single day to be doing what I’m doing.. Sometimes I really am, but I’ll never allow it to dictate my decisions. - I wrote something for @project.vanlife on how I stay safe as a solo woman. Being prepared makes all the difference. In my bio now.